Our company started in 1999 with a simple mission statement: "Doing More Than Our Competition Does Daily.?
    We used that razor sharp focus as we set out to bring some of the most advanced systems available to our commuity partners.  We were one of the first companies in Florida to bring online an invoice processing system that requires approval from an association's Board of Directors.  This ensures the Treasurer is always aware of and approves all invoices to be paid.  In fact, our company does not even handle or maintan checks drawn on assocation banks nor is anyone in our company even a signatory on any banking account.  Not only did we receive recognition from the State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, but the use of this system has significantly reduced crime policy costs on community insurance policy renewals.  Those savings can then be reinvested back into the community.
     We are also the only company in the state to upload inspection photographs on a separate company-owned, publicly available, website to aid both the community boards and residents alike. This accountability and transparency is a hallmark of our operations.  No longer are boards and community members left to wonder if an item is being addressed within the commmunity.  Now a simple review of the available date and time stamped photographs demonstrate the issue is being addressed by managment.  Coupled  to this innovative photo system, we even take it a step further and post the acutal inspection results and accompanying letters on a special "Board-Only" section of the community website.  This ensures a community's Board of Directors has the most up-to-date information at a moments notice, 24-hours a day.
     Our innovations don't stop there.  If you look at the partnership we formed with Nabr Network, while bringing online the state-mandated assocation website, you will see an extremely capable and interactive website complete with social network interfaces, bill pay, events schedules, a reservation system for amenity center events and neighborhood family, friends, and fitness groups.  We are also completing a major software and infrastructure upgrade this year that will bring the full resources of Microsoft Office 365 to our community leaders.  When completed this spring, we are confident this major upgrade in communication tools will enable even more transparency of operations and better equip our community leaders to respond to rapidly changing events within their community.
     Want to know how your community can benefit: Give us a call or send us an inquiry using the email link below.